Rohit’s Father: “We are Stone Cutters”

The Media, foreign intellectuals (who presume to know something about India when they do not) and others have ridiculed this man, erased him, dissed him, and even referred to him as a drunkard. Look at how disrespectful this reporter is even putting his hands on the man when he clearly was upset and wanted to leave. While the mother is portrayed as a saint. Why? This man, hard working poverty-ridden, Rohit’s father, deserves respect and compassion. He also is revealing the facts about his son. His son even posted a photo of his father’s security guard uniform on his facebook post (see below), meaning he loved his father and had a relationship with him. The media and opportunists are perpetuating the lie that only Dalits are discriminated against. The erase OBCs they erase and scandalize vadderas when OBCs are the majority of India and face incredible poverty, oppression and have no reservations. They are making politics on a vaddera corpse whose innocence and loyalty to his friends got him killed. This is disgraceful what has been happening in the name of ‘caste annihilation!”. What it really is: divide and rule politics and opportunism!

These comments are translated from his Father’s conversation: “IS THERE A CASTE NAME “VEMULA” in SC ? Go and Investigate it? How can they (Govt or politicians) add Vadderas with different terms Vadde, Oddilu, Uppara, Vaddera and OC, BC, STs in different states in different sections in the constitution? I want Justice! You put all these into one caste category. I am not pretending to be something, Mala, Madiga, Erukala, Yanadi but I am VADDERA (BC) only”. OPPORTUNISTS, COWARDS ARE DOING CORPSE POLITICS! MUST STOP DOING THAT. DON’T POLITICIZE VADDERA (OBC) CORSPE! Rohit was Vaddera……we are not SCs but BC-Vaddera. I don’t know how he became an SC. We don’t need a money or fame. This man (my son) was a leader, carried leadership shown once in Guntur, he worked in that way, Rohit also achieved 5th rank in the entrance exams. We are BC-A by marriage. He was Vemula Rohit alias Malick Chakravarthy. We remained BCs (Backward Castes/ Backward Classes) . I don’t how did this SC-mala comes and appeared it with him suddenly. But we are BC-A (Backward Classes-A) Not SCs”. I also told same thing to the ASP of Madapur, Hyderabad that I am VADDERA. Why should I consult RAHUL GANDHI, AFTER ALL MY SON DIED? I want justice! not money, not a job; I am in good condition and I can earn my my livelihood. I don’t want to listen stories and I want Judicial Enquiry! Interviewer: Did you hear the news of your son’s death? “I got the news late as I was working as a security guard far away, my neighbor shown the tv clip about his death. Who has said I was away from my son and family? We had small family quarrels but we are united within a week. We are living together, we will be a united family. I give money/ earnings to my sons via my wife only. Interviewer: would you visit Hyderabad? Why should I go to Hyderabad now? Should I go for Jagan. Should I go visit Rahul Gandhi?. Why should I go to Hyderabad after all my son was dead …..emotionally (inhaling). Interviewer: there are different opinions on Rohit’s caste status? Rohit’s father: “Is there a VEMULA sect in Mala? How can they see it as a SC. Ours is Vaddera, We belong to BC-A (Backward Classes-A), a caste in OBC. Which community is VADDERA how the government can put us in different sects in different states as different castes. “I am a stone-cutter patthar gadhane vala” This is all about caste-centric, selfish, Identity politics! Opportunists! MUST STOP POLITICIZING OTHERS CORPSE.


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