Rohith’s Father Wants Justice


Scratched Out Lines reveal that ASA and SFI Abandoned Rohith

The scratched out lines:

The lines that were struck off read: “ASA, SFI, anything and everything exist for their own sake. Seldom the interest of a person and this organization match. To get power, to become famous or to be important in between boundaries and to think we are up to changing the system. Very often we overestimate the acts and find solace in traits. Of course I must give my credit to both groups for making, introducing me to wonderful literature and people.” – See more at:

Rohith, who wrote the letter on the morning of January 17, kept it in his pocket as he attended an ASA meeting in the afternoon. He went to a friend’s room at 4 pm and hanged himself. – See more at:

Rohit Vemula’s Mother was raised as a Vaddera

Rohith Vemula was born in a Stone Cutting District. Born and bred by a Vaddera couple and continued with this stats all along his studies. His mother was raised by Vadderas from the age of five. Why is no one identifying this fact?

“…her former husband’s interviews to the Telugu media, that he did not know how their children were Dalits since he was of the Vaddera caste and that she too belonged to a Vaddera family. The Vaddera caste is not a Scheduled Caste.

In response to his statements, Radhika issued a press release, saying that she had been born into a Mala family, but was left with a Vaddera family by her parents. She said since she was “informally adopted” by the Vaddera family, they got her married into a Vaddera family.”

“Ms. Radhika said she agreed she was married to a Vaddera man and later got separated from her husband. But, as she belonged to the Mala caste, though raised by a Vaddera family since the age of five”

Does this stand for nothing?



Facts of Rohith Vemula



I am translating this interview into English because the entire world is being mislead about the purported annihilation of caste and yet the this annihilation which comes with many perks and benefits that others, also oppressed do not enjoy. Who are the real victims in the political scene? Dalits or Vaddera (BCs)? or all the marginalized Indian people?

The Vaddera caste embraced all other communities as one among them. Is this justice you do for Vaddera people who are the weakest section of Indian society and mislead the whole world?

Comments of Rohit’s father interviewed by HTV news:

“Rohit was…we are not SCs but BC-Vaddera. I don’t know how he became a dalit. We don’t need a money or fame. This man (my son) was a leader, carried leadership shown once in Guntur, he worked in that way, Rohit also achieved 5th rank in the entrance exams. We are BC-A (Backward Caste) by marriage.Weremained BCs at the time of the birth of our three children. We maintained BCs status till their Degree studies. I don’t how did this SC-mala comes and appeared it with them suddenly.

I am not sad, I am proud of my son!Hesacrificed for Dalits, Public. I don’t think he died for money or fame. He died for the public and injustice…ayya…. he transformed into a stupa and will be remembered among all people.

But we are BC-A (Backward Classes-A) Not SCs”.

Shame on Ambedkar Students Association!!

You are using it for diversionary, caste-centric and Identity Politics but where is social emancipation of weaker sections of society for VADDERAS who have no reservations and no benefits in this society yet who are the majority and who toil and work on the land and labour for the societal infrastructure.

ASA must stop politicizing VADDERA CORPSE!

Vaddera corpse smile at ASA and SFI.

These are words of VEMULA ROHIT father’s interview.

“Is there a gotramcaste “Vemula” in SC? Investigate it?

How can they (Govt or politicians) add Vadderas with different terms as OC, BC, SCs in different states in different sections in the constitution? I want Justice! You put all these into one caste category.

I am not pretending to be something, Mala, madiga, Erukala, Yanadi but I am VADDERA only”.

Interviewer: Did you hear the news of your son’s death?

“I got the news very late as I was working as a security guard far away, my neighbor shown the tv clip about his death.Who has said I was away from my son and family. We are living together, we will be a united family. I give money/ earnings to my sons via my wife only.Emotionally, would you visit Hyderabad?Why should I go to Hyderabad now.Should I go for Jagan.Should I go visit Rahul Gandhi. Why should I go to Hyderabad after all my son was dead …..emotionally (inhaling).

Interviewer: there are different opinions on Rohit’s caste status?

Rohit’s father: “Is there a VEMULA sect in Mala or Madiga? How can they see it as a SC.Ours is Vaddera, We belong to BC-A (Backward Classes-A), a caste in OBC.Which community is VADDERAhow can the government put us in different sects in different states as different castes. I am not pretending to be someboday, SC, ST, Yerukula or Madiga, Mala. Why don’t they (GOVT/ politicians) treat our Vaddera caste as equally as others?


“First time, Rohit’s father came to TV9 news channel and expressed his feeling and thoughts.


He asserted that

“Rohit’s death is a Political and institutional death

We belong to BC-A Backward caste

We are divorced in 2012 but we are still united regardless so whatever”

What is this, why do separately treat Vaddera than others, there is odde, oddilu, vaddera, uppara different names used for the caste; why does this caste needs somany names.

We belong to BC-A VADDERA, let us have dignity with BC, or else, add us in either SC, ST,

We had ST status in the past, what we had was ST once. We all vadderas are nomades and work on stones, stone-cutters. we earn our bread, livelihood by stone cutting.

Let us live withwith dignity, respect equally with others.

When Assistant Commissioner of Police visited our place, I told the same thing.

I told Assistant Commissioner of Police visited our place, I also said same thing We belong to Vaddera. He (my son) also wrote down everything on his papers.

Usually, I never attempt to ask about my son(Rohit) studies, because I put my faith on him that he would always do well and proved him that as he was top ranker in the past. He also doesn’t bring topics of student politics and study matters in our discussion.I want Justice; if CBI comes on that, let them do it on their own;but I want independent judicial inquiry on my son’s death.He wasn’t coward to commit to such act as suicide.I don’t want money, jobs or fame, all I want is Justice!!I also request all people again, againnot toPoliticize my caste statusWho the hell are those politicians?I don’t know which caste are they from?I don’t want know their caste and backgroundAfter all, my whole property elder son died, lostwhy do I need to see my caste to be politicized.Please DON’T POLITICIZE MY CASTE VADDERAI am not either going to campaign about my caste status.If they offer jobs, money-Give all to my wife, second son.I am physically sound and able to earn on my own.I only need justice!

Interviewer:Do you know about your son’s death news?

Rohit’s father: “I came to know through my wife, via my friend Lawyer, got the news a day late.a woman (neighbour) show me the TV clip on my son’s deathI couldn’t see his deadbody. I go to morning to security job 8am and return home by night 10pm. Our marriage was arranged by my grandfather and Radhika’s (Rohit’s mother) father between our two castes, Vaddera, Mala.My uncle wasBaanalaMosalaiahand my father’s name VemulaRaghavaiah, I was studying Intermediate and my wife Radhika was in 10th class at the time of, she is in her BA.our elder son was Rohitsecond son is Raja Chaitanyaour daughter is Neelima

Interviewer:Are you aware about your son’s SC caste status?

Rohit’s Father: “I don’t know about his SC-Mala certificate till recently. Yes, I questioned him during his graduate studies. He said that it was all about grandmother (mother-in-law) and his mother.I don’t know why did they get this certificate, may be it is for the second son Raja chaitanyako, or, for my wife.We got our divorces in 2012, but we still are united for our kids.They( my wife and second son) went to Hyderabad in last 15 days only, but I could not reach them as I work in Gurajala, Guntur but however, they invited me to stay with them.

Interviewer:Can you please tell us your details?

Rohit’sFather: We married in very young, I was studying intermediate, she was in her 10th class. My elder son his original name was VemulaMallickChakravarthy but it was changed into Rohit later without my consent.He was merit student, he achieved 5 rank national wide and always used to be topper in studies.He studied Kodigenahalli APRJC (Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior College), and then, Hindu College and so on.Whya merit student wouldneeds an SC certificate. My second son Vemula Raja Chaitanya Kumar was at 15 rank in MSc Geology in Pondicherry University. It seems he was working in Bangalore recently? Is that true?Yes, recently, my wife told me that my second son is working in Private job in Bangalore.I don’t know he doesn’t talk all matters of him to m. As I go to work in morning 8am and come at night 10pm. meanwhile, mother-in-law hear everything from them and discuss. ButRohit he studied in HCU, Gacchibowli on SC certificate?I don’t know, We are belong to Vaddera only.My uncle BanalaMosalaiah, was Additional Engineer, he died before 6 months to his retirement. We were together without disturbances till his death. And then thatall started with my mother-in-laws.Radhika (wife) is baby when she is with her mom and she listens everything and does that mom wants. Our caste is Vaddera only. Rohit was born in Vaddera family, brought up in vaddera culture, Studied with vaddera certificated all along.My wife’s place is Raghunathapalem in Nalgonda district. Our native place is Palnadu area, Guntur district. Currently I work in Gurajala, Guntur dist.I don’t want to know who is Rahul Gandhi or XYZ..I don’t want to hear what their caste is. What is their background, party.I want justice for my son! Our caste is vaddera only. Sir, I must request them (Govt, and Politicians) one must treat Vadderas as BCs as BC peopleonly, they are not treated as such.One must treat the Vadderas equally with others.

Why do they treat them differently. They were STs once, indeed, or, grant them let them include them in STs, SCs.

“I worked as a Security man in Private companies and sent money to my sons. Once we had Rice mill, I lost my portion in the mill. I spent all my efforts and earnings on these two sons as viewing those as two hills (as I am stone-cutter by occupation) but they are no more with me”.

“See we (Vadderas) are stone-cutters. See, check my hand, I thrashed arm to the stone after I hear the incident. I am not kidding, this is what we all (Vadderas) do real life.I worked in stone cutting and spread stone logs in Piduguraalla, Guntur. This is hard tool (showing his arm) which I used for break stones and I can tell you that, I break stone thrashing my leg. That’s power of Vadderacaste.That’s what we are. I dreamt that I would be served with my rocky hilly sons as….(origined I am stone-cutting profession) but I lost him”.